Playing Slots Online vs Visiting a Casino

Gambling in general is becoming ever more popular and with several states legalizing gambling in some form or other more and more people are visiting casinos and playing slots. Traditionally the only real option for US citizens was a trip to Vegas or one of the other few legal casinos dotted around the country. However, with the advent of online gambling there is now a good range of online casinos and dedicated slots sites at which to play and here we take a look at the main differences between playing slots online and playing in a casino.

The Games

The games and the gameplay itself will largely be the same, with almost all slots in bricks and mortar casinos being of the video variety. That means the actual activity is more or less identical, with the same high quality graphics and sound found whether you play online or in a casino.

The Experience

This is the one area where online slots and casino games can’t really seek to compete with big casinos of the real world. Visiting a Vegas mega resort offers so much more than just playing slots and other casino classics and there is also undoubtedly a bigger buzz to be gained from winning real cash you can see, touch and smell, as opposed to simply withdrawing winnings into your bank or credit card account. Whilst live dealer casinos go some way to adding atmosphere they still fall well short of the old-fashioned method of playing slots.


Of course, convenience is an area where playing online is unbeatable. You don’t need to leave the house and can play whenever you like. You can also play at your own leisure, rather than feel you have to be at the tables/slots all the time because you only have a limited period at the casino. Moreover, thanks to the advent of mobile slots you can now play more or less whenever you want and wherever you want.

Value for Money

The clincher that gives playing online overall victory is value for money. Online casinos and slots sites offer huge bonuses to new customers, as well as great loyalty schemes. In contrast, visiting a real casino costs a lot of money, unless you happen to live nearby, and there will be no generous bonuses to help you on your way.