What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots, which are also sometimes called jackpot slots, are one of the many reasons that people love playing slots so much. Progressive slots can be played both online or at bricks and mortar casinos in Vegas or wherever else, but the beauty of playing progressive slots online is that you can access a much greater number and variety and do so without even leaving the house, let alone the state!

A progressive slot is a slot that is linked to other slots with a small portion of the money from every spin being allocated to a special jackpot prize. So, whilst many slots may have a top prize of tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the biggest and best progressive slots have life-changing jackpot prizes in the hundreds of thousands, millions and even TENS of millions of dollars!

These games are almost like lotteries in the sense that they really can change your life forever, with just one spin making all your dreams become possible. That excitement is what makes progressive slots so popular and whilst your odds of winning are low, progressive jackpots are hit every single day somewhere in the USA so who knows, it could be you?

For US players, progressive jackpots on RTG’s casino software generally offer the biggest prizes, with five at the time of writing worth $1m or more, although the highest currently available globally stands at an amazing $4.4m! The biggest win ever on an online progressive slot came in 2013 when a Finnish player won an amazing €18m (that’s around $23m!) playing a slot called Mega Fortune. What’s even more amazing is that the bet that won him the cash was just €0.25 – about 30c!

When you play a progressive slot you should be aware of a few things and the first, which may be obvious to many but is worth pointing out, is that the progressive slot jackpots are being played for simultaneously over hundreds or even thousands of slots across a linked network. Secondly, and related to our lucky Finnish winner mentioned above, is that you should always check what coin/stake qualifies for the progressive jackpot. Whilst he got lucky for little more than a quarter a spin, some progressives require maximum stakes for the full jackpot.

Ultimately though progressive slots are THE most exciting games you can play at an online casino. Why not give them a try – you’ve got to spin it to win it!