Online Gambling Pros and Cons

Online gambling has existed since around 1995 but in recent years it has become a huge, global business, with literally billions of dollars changing hands. Love it or loathe it, it looks like online gambling, be that in the form of sportsbooks, poker sites, online casinos or slots sites, is here to stay and so here we examine the pros and cons of online gambling from a consumer perspective.

We say from a consumer point of view as we don’t intend to discuss the philosophical and ethical points of online gambling, but rather we shall look at the pros and cons of internet wagering as opposed to actually playing in a “real” casino.

Visiting Vegas, Atlantic City or some of Europe’s finest casinos is a real thrill for millions of people and is sure to remain so, but the growth and potential widespread legalization of online gambling offers many casino and slots fans an alternative.

Playing slots or other great casino games online offers a number of advantages over visiting a real world casino, the most obvious and important being convenience. Even if you happen to live near a physical casino, playing online from the comfort of your own home – or office, or, thanks to mobile casinos, pretty much anywhere – is so much easier. No planning is needed and you can play for as little or as much time as you want.

With this added convenience also comes a financial saving as, for most people, visiting a casino is effectively a vacation with the associated costs. Of course, that aspect of visiting a bricks and mortar casino is, perhaps, also the biggest positive about the experience. “Experience” is the key word because, as much fun as playing at an online slots site is, it can never compete with the thrill and excitement of the real thing.

Playing online at home is more like playing a game and whilst it can be hugely enjoyable and exciting, it can’t rival the overall experience and memories a Vegas vacation can offer.

However, playing online is ultimately highly likely to be more profitable, thanks to a combination of the bonuses online casinos offer, the cost savings and added extras like loyalty schemes and reloads.

Playing in a physical casino and playing online both have their pros and cons but the great thing now is, increasingly, we have the freedom to choose.