Best Casino Games Apart From Slots

Slots are pretty much what we’re all about here at ReviewSlots.Com but sometimes even we like to take a break from the spinning reels and have a bit of a change. Of course, there are hundreds of different slots at the best casinos we feature but even so, every now and again it keeps things fresh to try a different style of casino game.

Most players who have ever been to a casino, played online or even just watched the movies are probably familiar with casino staples such as blackjack, craps and roulette, but here we take a look at some of the less well known games that are available to play at USA-friendly online casinos.


Many sites offer bingo and bonus bingo and these should be familiar to anyone who has played bingo in the “real world”. You have a card or, usually, multiple cards, marked with numbers and cross them off as they are drawn from the “hat”. The first to have all the numbers on their card drawn wins the main prize, though other prizes are usually available. Bingo offers good prizes for small stakes and also draws the fun out for longer than many other casino games.


Keno is a hugely popular game in US casinos and is a little like a cross between a lottery and bingo. Keno can sometimes have a very, very high house edge, although at better casinos, in better variants of the game it can still be quite competitive and it certainly offers a lot of fun.

Scratch Cards and Instant Wins

Many online slots sites and casinos offer virtual scratch cards and instant win games that are really simple to play, very quick and can offer huge prizes. Those looking to play for a long time will be disappointed with the speed of the game but if you want a fast thrill and the chance to win big, give these a try.

Sic Bo

Sic bo, which literally means “dice pair”, is a very old Chinese dice game that is hugely popular with Asian players and it is well worth checking out. The house edge is comparable to that of roulette and better than many slots, although to win big, you’ll have to stake big.