Banana Jones – A Funny Online Slot by RTG

If you like the movie Indiana Jones, you are probably going to fall in love with the cute and interesting slot that features a monkey called Banana Jones instead of a human named Indiana Jones. This exciting new slot was made in 2018 by Real Time Gaming, and it is one of their most unique slot games. We like to review slots, and this time Banana Jones is the game that caught our attention with its amazing gameplay and interesting bonus features. Let’s take a look.

Banana Jones Details
The game was released on August 1, 2018, and has managed to gain a substantial number of players due to its unique approach to slots. It features unusual reel structure and gameplay. The game was made by RT, and although it doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, you can win the top fixed jackpot of 62,500 coins. The game doesn’t really have traditional paylines as it offers a completely new perspective on online video slots. Furthermore, you can find a lot of bonus features in Banana Jones, including various free spins.

The best thing about this game is that it is made using the latest technology to make it suitable for mobile play. In fact, players who like to spin the reels on the go will enjoy playing Banana Jones on the small screens of their mobile devices.

Bonus Features and Prizes
The best thing about online slots machines is that their creators have complete freedom to reconceptualize them and create games that only resemble traditional slots. Banana Jones is one such game as it features a cool new look where reels don’t really follow the traditional structure. In fact, the game is made for all players who like new and challenging slots that also require them to think and explore various new options.

Speaking of options and bonuses, Banana Jones has plenty of interesting features and symbols that could help you win hefty rewards in a single spin. Sone of the symbols included on the reels are diamonds, snakes, vines, and more. The Extra Roll symbol and the Treasure Wheel Heads are definitely the features you want to get as they will help Banana Jones reach the temple by jumping on lily pads that are actually reels of this game.

If you like what you see, make sure to check out this game and explore all the possibilities it offers to help Banana Jones complete his quest and join him in an exciting adventure filled with hidden treasures.