An Overview of Daily Promotions at Aladdin’s Gold

People who enjoy playing online video slots will love the fact that Aladdin’s Gold offers some of the latest slots from leading online casino content providers such as Realtime Gaming. This time, we are not going to review slots from this online casino, but focus on some of the promotions that it offers for visitors who decide to open an account on this site.

First of all, you should check out the welcome bonus on this site. We are not going to focus on it right now, but if you are new to the casino, make sure to claim and use the welcome bonus before exploring the daily promotions that we are going to describe in this article.

What Are Daily Promotions?
Daily promotions are a type of bonuses that are available on a daily basis, and Aladdin’s Gold casino offers daily promotions for every day of the week.

The Monday promotion will give you a 65% deposit bonus for blackjack and poker which you can redeem three times during that day. In other words, if you deposit $100, you will get an additional $65 for these two casino games. We understand you are here for slots, so read on!

The Tuesday promo will give you a 67% deposit bonus for all slot games offered on the site. You can also claim this bonus three times during that day, meaning you can deposit three times and receive a bonus every time.

Wednesday also offers a 67% deposit bonus. However, this time it is applicable to all games and you can use it for as much as five deposits during that day. The maximum amount of money that you can claim per deposit here is $450.

The Thursday deposit offers a 3×63% deposit bonus for all games but includes a 25% cashback bonus as a nice touch.

Friday is all about slot machines, as you can claim a 3×60% deposit bonus for slot games and get up to 25 free spins.

Saturday is for unlimited deposits where you can get a 65% or 70% deposit bonus depending on whether you deposited more than $100.

Finally, Sunday is the fun day and you get to claim a 70% bonus for slot games five times during this day. Therefore, make sure to make the most of it while you prepare for the new week and a new round of bonuses an Aladdin’s Gold online casino!