Instant Play vs. Download — Which Slots Are Better?

Every time we review slots, we don’t mention whether you need to download a special client and install it on your PC. That’s because most of the slots nowadays don’t require any kind of download. They all load right in your browser.

However, some online casinos offer their users to download clients to their PCs and have a couple of games that can only be played that way.

So, what exactly is the difference between the instant play slots and the one you have to download?

Truth be told, there are not many differences. The only advantage that downloaded slots have is that they can be more customized and offer a better overall quality of graphics and animations.

If slots get too big for a browser, people would have to wait for a while every time a game loads. On the other hand, once they download the software, slots would load immediately.

Play Anywhere

The main advantage of instant play games is that they are available across all devices. In other words, many of them use HTML5 technology, meaning you can access them on your mobile devices. These slots are usually very “light” and are do not take a lot of time to load.

If you were wondering which one you should choose, we only need to tell you that it’s not a choice at all. It takes only a couple of minutes to install the client from an online casino and start enjoying games.

Therefore, you can have both if you want and get the best of both worlds by being able to access the entire offer of a casino of your choice.

Although there are a few online casinos that only focus on clients that you have to download, the majority of them offer their services in a browser. That way, it’s simply more practical to switch to mobile phones without having to make a separate app.

However, some casinos decided to keep both, such as Lucky Red Casino and Aladdin’s Gold Casino. These platforms offer you both instant play and a downloadable client. Some of the games you choose are only available via clients, but the majority are available in the browser.

Therefore, make sure to check out some of the best online slots casinos, such as the ones we mentioned in the paragraph above and decide which way you prefer more.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you want to play as long as the games offered by the online casino of your choice are entertaining.