Let’s Talk About Scatter Symbols — The Most Popular Slot Symbol

If you like playing online slots, you probably came across the popular scatter symbol thousands of times, as basically every video slot nowadays features it among the available symbols. What’s so different about it, and how come it became so important in the world of online casino games?

To explain how scatter works, we have to explain how slots create a winning combo. Every online slot has a pay line, and you need to land several identical symbols on that pay line, usually from left to right, in order to make a combination and receive a prize. However, that’s a bit different from scatters. Simply put, they don’t have to be in line to award you, and that’s why they are called scatter symbols — they can be scattered all over the grid, but if there’s enough of them, you’ll still create a winning combination.

What Can Scatters Award?
However, when we review slots, we usually talk about scatters as bonus symbols, and that’s actually true. Many slot developers decided to add an additional layer to scatters, meaning that they have the power to start bonus rounds. Scatters usually trigger bonus features.

For example, if you land three scatter symbols, you’ll be able to receive eight free spins. Oftentimes, the number of scatters you landed is proportional to the number of free spins that you receive. Therefore, landing four scatters will give you ten free spins, and five scatters will result in twelve free spins. Naturally, the number of free spins is different depending on the slot you’re playing, so make sure to read more about the scatters and bonus rounds before you start playing a slot.

Sometimes, scatters can even extend the free spins round, meaning that landing additional scatter symbols can bring you more free spins and help you create even bigger prizes.

To sum up, scatter symbols are very popular and are present in most of the online slots nowadays. If you feel like playing online slot games, make sure to check out our list of the best online slots casinos. We conducted research to find the online gambling platforms that have the best slots and made an ultimate list featuring three great options. You can read more about these sites and narrow your selection to one site that meets your needs. Also, don’t forget to check out the welcome bonuses that these online casinos offer for newcomers who decide to join and make a deposit.

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