Slotland VIP Program Overview

Almost every online casino features some kind of VIP or loyalty program for existing customers. Most of the time, these programs are tiered, meaning you can become a member after a while, but you’ll need to spend a lot of time and money to get to the top tier and receive all rewards offered for that level.

Still, many active casino players love VIP programs, and one very interesting program is offered on Slotland Casino.

Therefore, we will not review slots in this article. Instead, we’ll focus on the VIP section that you can become a member of if you actively play slots.

The Slotland VIP Program Overview

The VIP program of Slotland offers three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


To become a bronze VIP member, you must have deposited at least $3,000 on your account. In that case, the VIP manager of the site will review your status and invite you to join the VIP section of Slotland.

If you think that you’ve already met the criteria, you can send an email to to let them know that they could review the account.

Bronze VIP members will get $50 as a welcome bonus and a 100% match bonus on any deposit they make. Moreover, the base Cashback bonus is increased as they will receive $110 back for every $1,000.

Bronze members have increased chances in the Weekly Draw, and their Monthly Bonus is 50% higher.

Of course, they get personalized VIP service.


You’ll be admitted to the silver status after some time. There’s always an option to ask the support to review your account and tell you whether you’re ready to become a silver member.

Silver VIP level players get a $100 Welcome Bonus and a 150% match bonus for every valid deposit.

Moreover, their cashback bonus is $125 for $1,000, and they get a special newsletter with unique promotions.

They also have increased chances for a Weekly Draw, 50% higher Monthly Bonus, and personalized VIP service.


Gold members will get a $200 Welcome Bonus and a 200% welcome match bonus for any deposit.

The Cashback bonus is $150 for $1,000, and they also get even more increased chances for Weekly Draw, 50% higher Monthly Bonus, and personalized VIP services.

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