Let’s Talk About Betting Limits — How Much Can You Bet in Online Slots?

Some people like to play online slots for a lot of money, while others don’t enjoy taking big risks and play for low stakes. No matter which type of player you are, you need to understand how betting in online slots works in the first place to be able to maximize your experience when spinning the reels.

First of all, you’ll notice that many online slots use coins instead of money, and you get to set how much each coin is worth. Moreover, you also get to choose how many coins you want to insert for every spin. They are often directly connected to the number of pay lines that are available in online video slots. Let’s take a look at an example.

Imagine a slot that offers 20 pay lines, and you get to choose the coin size. If you set your coin to $0.01 but choose to play with all 20 pay lines, you’ll effectively make a $0.20 wager per spin. If that seems like too little for you, you can always increase, but pay attention to the maximum limits. For example, if the maximum is $1 per coin, it means you’ll make $20 per spin in our case. 

Some online slots allow betting even more than that, and beginners often make a rookie mistake of betting much more than they wanted. For instance, some beginners could set the coin price to $5 and effectively bet $100 on a single spin, even though they just wanted to bet $5.

Whenever you review slots, you need to pay attention to the minimum and maximum limits, and not just the limits for individual coins.

That said, in many slots, the number of pay lines is fixed, meaning you’ll always bet the same amount. Therefore, the amount of money you see when you choose how much you want to bet is the actual amount you’ll bet.

The best way to play slots is definitely to include as many pay lines as possible, but make sure to set your coin range to suit your budget. Make sure to plan your bankroll for a session that won’t end in just five spins!

Now that you know the possible pitfalls of betting on online slots feel free to check out our page discussing the best online slots casinos. Platforms that are featured on our page offer plenty of slots to choose from and even offer lucrative welcome bonuses for new customers.