What Difference Does the Casino Software Make?

Most online casinos use third party software to help power their sites and in particular the games they present to their customers. Some of the casino software companies are huge multinationals that help power literally hundreds of online casinos and slots sites, as well as producing slots and games for real world technology and live dealer games. Here we take a look at what makes a great casino software company and what difference it makes to you, the player.

What is a Casino Software Company?

Most sites use the games and technology provided by other companies, rather than creating their own games, because it is such a specialist field, with great resources needed to design and develop the sort of exciting, advanced and good-looking slots and casino games that you will find at the best sites. Moreover, because the games need to be multi-platform and also fully integrated with banking and finance systems, as well as other parts of the casino site, it’s often the case that these third party technology companies provide more than just games, offering secure financial solutions, interlinked games and jackpot networks and much more.

What Makes a Good Site?

Much of what makes a casino good, bad or indifferent comes down to personal taste but there are some things that most people would certainly want to see and expect and many of those things derive from the software the site uses, as much as the casino itself.

The best sites will have games that are available to play in instant play mode – which we prefer – and download versions, whilst increasingly many top online casinos also have mobile versions, meaning you can play great slots and games on your cell.

One obvious factor that is hugely important is the quality of the games and the range of options you have. The best software companies offer casino games that look and sound very nice indeed and have gameplay that is fun, striking the right balance between regular wins and big payouts.

Another thing the software will impact is the progressive jackpots, with most progressives running via the software company and networked across the various casinos they power.

Finally it’s important that, whether playing online or on your cell, the games are stable and secure because nothing is more annoying than games crashing mid-spin.